How to use clusters of improving memory Step by Step

To compete in today's fast-moving, information-intensive society, a good memory is an important quality to possess. The ability to remember important information such as names, faces, facts, dates, events, and other parts of daily life are essential to success. If you have a good memory, you do not have to worry about forgetting or losing important items, and you can overcome the mental blocks that prevent you to achieve the maximum potential at work, at home, and the love of his life.

controlled by a complex network of interconnected memory neurons in the brain that can send millions of pieces of data independence. It is this ability of your mind that stores memories organized extensive past experience that it is capable of learning and creativity. They stored as memories of these experiences help you learn from mistakes, to protect against the dangers and achieve the goals that you set. Leveraging the power of memory, you will be better able to learn life lessons that will help you avoid mistakes in the future based on their own past and the failures of others.

Although sometimes the result of a bad memory intellectual disability or a disability, most often has to do with the lack of attention, or inability to concentrate, poor listening skills, and other bad habits. Fortunately, you can re-develop and refine the memory of the Train yourself to correct habits. The basic tool for developing better memory is a "cluster" technique.

Examples of the group are as follows:

1. Grouping numbers, letters, physical characteristics or categories

2. Grouping words and concepts that are related to, or opposites

3. Grouping of mental or subjective image organization

Data Grouping improve memory, destroy the information more manageable pieces. Take for example the 10-digit phone number including the area code. Memorizing the numbers in groups of three or four, you will be able to more easily access data from the memory.

a word or concept clustering involves grouping words together in our minds that help us to better remembrance. It's using the power of the alliance, in which an idea or proposal will lead to another recall. An example for a few clusters. These may be synonyms, antonyms, or related words. For example, the "fair" and "space", "man" and "woman".

organization through using the subjective categories of clusters, procedures, tools and associations to remember information. For example, vocabulary words are often remembered groups based on the context in which they were discussed. Remembering a word triggers a memory of an independent word which somehow grouped or associated.

Let's look at cooking as another example. Although there are a number of ingredients in a recipe, each with its own unique ingredients are not related. This is just the combination of the process of each component, is formed to the whole context.

In sum, the following strategies to sharpen your memory:

1. Reflect on the process of problem solving or political environment, rather than memorizing facts in your particular environment.

2. Understand what techniques work best for you individually. There is a category of most clusters? Or are you visually driven?

3. Analysis of positional data and experience to remember important data, eliminating unnecessary data

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Protect and maintain your silver jewelry and hardware before you lose

Silver 101: The complete guide to understanding and maintaining jewelry and silverware

Pure Silver nature, extremely soft and mallaeable and therefore not suitable for the manufacture of jewelry and other accessories. Bracelets, rings, pendants and other pieces of silver jewelry can not be reasonably formed of pure silver without the presence of a metal alloy additive to support the atomic structure. In order to use silver as metal is a commercially viable, it must be alloyed copper to increase the hardness. Because of the close similarity to the natural combination of two metal chemical process can be implemented without significantly affecting the extensibility and beauty of the silver. However, as the purity of silver is reduced, the thorny issue of condensation occurs, which you have to find the right balance between the percentage balance between the content and the cheaper silver metal (or aluminum, copper, steel, or copper) alloy is used in cocktails.

the optimal solution, as revealed expert chemists, silver: silver alloy containing 92.5 wt% silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper, steel or brass. The minimum standard silver millesimal fineness of 925 (i.e., 92.5% purity). As the percentage of pure silver remains high, silver is the best material used in the manufacture of expensive luxury jewelry and high-end luxury tableware by extremely wealthy and successful individuals.

Chemically, silver non-reactive, it does not react easily with oxygen or water at ordinary temperature and thus can not readily form the problematic silver oxide layer, which appears as a blunt powdery white coating over the surface of pure silver, covering its beauty. However, silver is not a compound of the alloy and other metals, usually copper, it will react with atmospheric oxygen, tarnishing the overall look of the silver alloy. The good news is that spoil easily reversible polishing a process that chemically dissolves and removes the surface layer of CuO obscuring the bright glow of the underlying alloy. The one-step reversibility of the impact worsen already 925 silver became the benchmark for the consumer's choice of jewelry craftsmanship.

Silver beauty increases with use, creating a patina or soft sheen layer of body jewelry. Silver gilt silver that has been involved in the process of electrolysis over other metals. The rust occurs more quickly in damp and foggy weather, but ultimately unavoidable under any climate. Sterling silver, ideally, to store the treated paper or cloth or plastic sheeting.

The effort and cost that you will incur a cleaning sterling silver should be made depends on the value placed on it have been that the monetary or sentimental, and secondly, the complexity and depth of the sample. Silver deeply carved designs enhanced by an oxide or French gray finish should be hand polished commercially pure silver cream or polish.

Hand rubbing formed what is commonly known as "silver patina", which adds to the beauty. Ornate silver pieces, that can be washed in warm water varnished, not hot water, hot water can potentially damage or erosion of varnish. Wearing rubber gloves while polishing silver cardinal sin. Do not do it! Instead, choose plastic or cotton gloves.

Silver is subjected to certain reagents. Rubber is a material that can cause severe corrosion of silver. The damages are so strong that only a silversmith would be able to repair the damage, although serious wasteful loss of silver mass. Embossed patterns to help her, and permanently lost. Storage boxes rubber seals, rubber flooring and rubber bands strict non-nos.

other mortal enemies among silver salt, olives, salad dressings, eggs, vinegar and juices. Essentially, everything that contains food acids. If treasured cutlery service is slightly acidic foods in China or glass containers instead of the valuable silver tableware. Although the flowers and fruits really look at the silverware, the carbon dioxide produced, it etches the deterioration of containers and can cause serious damage. If you want to use the silver containers, use a plastic substrate.

baking soda and toothpaste: toothpaste to clean, smear layer of silver with toothpaste and run lukewarm water, work is foam, then rinse. For stubborn stains, inaccessible or difficult furrows by hand with an old soft-bristled toothbrush.

The baking soda to create a paste of baking soda and water. Rub, rinse, dry and polish with a soft cloth, preferably cotton. Remove the corrosion of silver, sprinkle baking soda with a damp cloth and rub the silverware until the rust removal. Rinse and dry.

To find out more about silver and comprehensive manner preserving its beauty, look Chrome Hearts .

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How to Draw the Memory Or Imagination

important to know the difference between a drawing from memory, and drawings of the imagination, although both are the result of the drawing will be your head.

basically means drawing from memory, trying to recall a real picture of what the brain is made in the past and trying to draw or paint them.

Drawing imagination a little bit different. Imagination means you have a picture, which can be completely fictitious, like a fantasy creature that you want to pull out.

So one is a real image, while the other is a completely fictitious image. Why is it important to know the difference? Many members of my site to ask the same question, and when I sat down to really think about this, I think many people are actually confused as to why they can not transfer images from the head to a piece of paper.

Knowing the difference between the two types of plan would be a good start to clear up the confusion. Suppose that you want to draw a fictitious picture, but they do not succeed in drawing on paper. What's the problem?

Well, you might be missing from the drawing to be able to express yourself well in the drawing.

This is easy to do. Simply time to strengthen the basis for drawing that you can express yourself better with a stylus, and the problem is solved.

But let us suppose that we now want to recall a picture and draw on paper, but somehow, even if you have very great skill, he still could not get it right. What could be the problem?

The problem lies in the fact that the source of the reference image that is captured in your mind. Because the mind is somehow skewed the picture, the information will be transferred to the drawing board.

Unfortunately there is no simple solution to this problem, except that if you do not have a photographic memory, which should be the young, it is difficult to capture the entire image is exactly the way it is in your head.

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Why is it important to update drivers regularly

Drivers are programs that allow your computer's operating system to talk to and give instructions to the hardware and software you want to use the computer. From hardware such as a webcam, printer software applications and programs, such as games downloaded from the Internet or joint programs such as Word or Excel, you need to have current and up to date drivers for your computer.

outdated drivers can cause your computer to crash, preventing the operation of programs and applications, and can cause error messages or simply prevent the computer you want.

Common error messages outdated drivers can cause include:

* "Stop.. Checksum 0xC0000221 broken image, the image user32.dll is probably damaged the header checksum does not match the checksum calculated"

* "Error. Could not load the dll CnxtSdk.dll"

* "the driver of the keyboard device prevents the machine from sleep mode Please close all applications and try again if the.. problem persists, you may need to update this driver "

*" STOP. 0xc000026C (Unable to load device driver) Driver Name ".

* error caused by a device driver. Thank you for submitting an error report to Microsoft. "

Yes, those are some pretty technical expressions, as if trying to read a foreign language. But when you get these types of messages on the computer, you can be sure that an outdated driver causing the problem.

you need to update your drivers regularly because Windows updates to the Windows operating system regularly. If you install a new piece of hardware on your computer, you may find that your computer's operating system is older codes and can not communicate effectively with the new device. download a new driver to meet the new product will be given a code and programming instructions to work with the new device to the computer's operating system.

If the computers keep crashing every time you open a program, you reach a certain level in the game, or attach a hardware device such as a camera, there's a good chance you have an outdated driver. crash the system or turning off the computer suddenly is a sure sign of an outdated driver sends the old code and instructions to the updated operating system.

freezes the computer, the operating system can not understand too many strange directions. It is as if someone threw up their hands in despair and cried: "I do not understand" or "I can not cope with this." If you consistently received an order from the boss in the workplace is a language he has never learned, they will find very annoying. I am sure that many of you for this! An outdated driver instructions to the computer's operating system in a foreign language, it is no wonder that the computer hangs when it is unable to cope.

For example, Windows sometimes finds it difficult to enter a sleep mode as the "stand-by", "hibernate" or "idle" if your computer has an outdated driver. You may have problems with the computer off. This is because the operating system is still receiving instructions that can not interpret the date driver. In these cases, you send your computer to an instruction to shut down, but the operating system says. "Wait, I can not close now, I am still an incoming message this drive"

outdated drivers can cause a multitude of problems in the computer's operating system. If you receive an error message, your computer crashes or your computer will not shut down properly, you probably have an outdated driver causing the problem.

Okay, so I have a patient and read all of the information. Now you're probably wondering, "Will this guy really tells you how to update drivers?" Why yes, certainly will. Thank you for your patience.


There are several ways to update the drivers. One method involves going to a particular manufacturer's website and looking under that drives the make and model number of the hardware device. Once you have located the driver, download, open the file and install it on your system. It is extremely important to make sure you download the correct driver, or hardware device or PC failure or malfunction could experience completely.

The second and much simpler method for updating drivers is to install a high-quality driver update program. These programs are a scan of the entire system and determine the old or out-of-date drivers. The program collects the most up-to-date drivers from its database (usually in the millions), and upload them to your computer. It definitely takes the frustration out of grief and want to update the driver!

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Creative Marketing Ideas hardware stores

The large national chains that dominate the market, small hardware stores sometimes difficult time to be competitive. The key is to find a unique selling proposition of the business and take advantage of it, so customers see the value you choose more than one of the larger stores. Here are some good ways to do business stand out.

  1. Giveaways -If the first store to open (or even if you are just looking for an extra push) offer a small gift that customers purchase. These are the tools and products you can use to brand your store information, hammers, tape measures, levels, etc. If a customer uses the product, and you run out of something, or determine that you need to visit the store, they'll see the details and immediately return trip!
  2. In-Store classes -Hardware stores often form a bit of culture and social atmosphere, so find a way to play this up. A great choice to sponsor training courses and seminars at the store. Work with the manufacturers to provide information that customers find valuable. Even employees can instruct these classes are nothing less than a complete remodeling, home improvement products. List the classes you're offering that month above the cash registers is a large vinyl banner can be seen that clearly informs customers the opportunity to expand their knowledge.
  3. Charity Donations -Offer products to charitable groups and organizations, the city, which builds and repairs homes for the less fortunate. This is great PR for your business, it makes you a more authentic, and in return you are often able to advertise in the domestic spot a yard sign or banner. When customers see that you make to the community, they are more inclined to buy you.
  4. Ladies Night -The most hardware stores predominant market men. While most customers probably male, do not neglect the ladies. Host "Ladies Night" in-store offers educational classes and even a special discount on purchases by women. Use removable window clings to the store a little feminine. There is a huge potential market that is somewhat in-utilized and the right approach to female customers can dramatically affect your business.
  5. Personal Shoppers -Some customers complain that hardware or home improvement stores vast. To counteract the opposition of personal shopping service to customers. Products have been working daily to customers located in anyway, but it is an official program of the revenue opportunity. Customers are an employee directed them around the store and help them find what they need in a project, or even, more convenience, staff can pre-select products that they need to when the customer arrives, all you have to do is check it out.

Source by Michael K Allen

Memory and concentration – improved them now

with memory and concentration, but one does not lead to the other. Memory is the ability to remember information, experiences and people. Focus to guide the spiritual forces or the efforts of a certain activity, theme or problem. Once you have something stored in our brains, not forgotten. It can be hard to recall the vital information. The information may include, but is not stored. Just because you can not remember something does not mean that they have forgotten. What is a temporary failure to remember. But if you think of the millions of things every day, remember, you realize that your memory is really astounding.

Why do forget things? Most often, the annoying problem of absentmindedness or lack or loss of concentration is the reason; and solve, you simply need to clean out the clutter in your life that caused the removal of the memory and train your brain to remember things so often forget. It can store, analyze and remembering all the material only a fraction of what little brain stored. Every time you have stored in memory, it will be more powerful and indelible. Some of the recalled memories often become the most notorious. To make something easier to remember, it is often in practice memory (method used by many students in the study). Factors that could affect terms include the learning environment and the structure has your study time. Other factors that may affect the way you organize your memory contains information on how to use his body to study the process of how to use your brain, the study process and time to recall involves either.

Depression is the leading cause of memory loss. The low level of depressed people in the brain serotonin and norepinephrine. These chemicals, which normally activates the hippocampus – the memory part of the brain where information is stored and retrieved. Antidepressants relieve depression, most patients: memory, concentration and other cognitive functions usually start to improve quickly.

Some ways to tackle memory loss are as follows:

– Get plenty of exercise, both physical and mental. Challenge your brain for new and creative ways throughout life. Join a book club, learn to play chess, sudoku, etc., or with the right hand, but the left if you are left-handed.

– Try to stay calm: Worry temporarily impairs memory. Memories are usually "freeze" stressful conditions. The harder you try to remember, the worse her memory. The trick is to relax and refocus the mind – in memory usually returns.

– Stress – People who experience chronic stress because of work problems, family or financial problems, etc. often experience memory problems. Stress increases cortisol, cortisol but damage the hippocampus, where the brain will remain high due to the continuous stress. Stress should be taken seriously, or memory problems continue to worsen. Regular exercise, practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and yoga, and spending more time with their favorite activities, ideal for reducing stress.

– Lack of sleep (insomnia) increases the stress and anxiety, which raise cortisol levels. Depression can cause insomnia, such as a strain. As soon as the underlying condition subsides, usually improve sleep, memory problems alleviated.

– a significant percentage of Vitamin B12 deficiency accounts amnesia case. The body of vitamin B12 to produce the myelin covering of the nerve cells. Low levels of myelin slows nerve signals; This reduces memory and other cognitive functions. You need supplements if low. Since oral vitamin B12 is not effective when the body does not produce enough intrinsic factor, many patients require monthly injections of vitamin B12.

– Nutrition: Eat nutritious foods effect; avoid sugar. Nutrients fuels to run in memory. Vitamins and minerals are essential to maintaining and improving memory. Must vitamin C and vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin B12, thiamine, iron and vitamin B6.

– stimuli effectively use sticky notes and reminders or calendar. The most absentminded mistakes and accessing memory problems can be overcome by reminders.

– Switch the word "Reach" – Another way to remember one thing that the "perfect living" switch word "Reach". If you are desperate to find a lost or misplaced items or trying to remember the vital information, just stay calm and say out loud that again – "Reach" and "Together" Do not think about the meaning of the words as you take your mind off the question. In a short time, your subconscious mind will lead to a solution to the problem.

Source by Sujibomi Dada

Surviving futon Missing Frame Hardware nightmares

seems to be quite a few of us who owned futon frame and eventually lose the connected devices at one time or another. I bought a futon in the retail I worked a few years ago futons in the early 1990s was all the rage. Maybe he bought futon at the university acquired from a friend or perhaps make a purchase in a family room. If you are lucky to live out the life of the house or apartment you will never be required to move the futon except perhaps in a different room or location. Obtaining replacement hardware futon frame to approach a number of steps to locate exactly what you need.

in the first place do not panic just yet. Without the hardware to attach everything back together you're serious trouble. However, there are ways to get what you need. could explain this point of the many benefits of using a small bag that contains the hardware and attach a portion of the frame packing tape is difficult, so it is easy to find. Who am I kidding though? Mine have been through about three times, and each time I finally missing a screw, a cylindrical nut with a nylon roller here and there. Heck, I was lucky it was all wood elements crop up every new step alone hardware that has happened to this one. Anyway, do not move to the home is stressful enough without having to keep track of hardware in a small bag of a marine furniture, clothes, food, toys and appliances?

feel that this should continue, go back and think for a moment. Yes, we stressed and fuming spouse or any of the moving company loses a futon hardware, but you have to move past that now. To make the futon need our help, and we're the only ones who can do it at this point. It is time for us to go through the steps to obtain hardware replacement and there is a specific order which is the fastest to get this result. I suggest the following steps to begin to track hardware replacement as soon as possible.

First – identify the futon frame.

worked in retail, this is quite possibly the toughest situation is when a customer comes into the shop who need help but can not identify the product that the seller or supplier when requesting individual parts. Granted you're going to have to do a little research on pulling your receipt when you bought a futon from the store and determine the model name or futon. If you inherited the futon, I found the side of the road, or you bought the crafts market or the hard way. Fear not, however, the Internet can be used to help you find the design and attach a name I use to keep track of the hardware. Be aware that dozens of manufacturers out there including a number of different hardware framework, has since closed its doors. Hopefully, the manufacturer of the frame still around.

The second – talking to the retailer.

Of course, if you bought a futon frame with a local store, it's time to head down there, and they can track down the hardware framework, haha. Bring your receipt. If you do not have a receipt, and then add a picture of the futon frame itself. Hopefully, the seller or service representative familiar with the products that we have done in the past. At best, we can not provide you with the name and contact details, or the parts manufacturers are on hand to back up and running. Worst case, I bought the store out of business, or if you have a shop around to get the product has no clue.

Third – online search engine.

Assume that have been hit worse scenario for the time to use the Internet to search for the name of the manufacturer or the style of the futon. We recommend that you use Google, Bing or Yahoo and use the name to the word futon in the search. If you are unable to find the name you're going to have to have a very good observer and sift through the many images of futon frames until you find one that is very close to what you have. Determine the name of the style and the manufacturer, and then proceed to locate the manufacturer of the futon frame.

Fourth – talking to the manufacturer.

Assuming you are not part of, but the retailer was able to identify the manufacturer to you, you should at least have something to go on. Maybe it was able to find through the frame style of the search engines. Again search online for websites previously, the manufacturer's name. You probably have a small online retail stores your search. It filters out visually, until you find a link to the manufacturer. Most have websites, look for a phone or e-mail address, and information about how to contact them by acquiring hardware. If you are unable to locate the manufacturer's website go ahead and contact one of the stores a lot futon that pop up in the search results, and email them your problem and ask if you can either sell hardware or shows in the right direction to find the manufacturer in hopes to track the hardware.

Finally – the last resort.

If you can not determine the name of the futon frame or the manufacturer's name, it is really a very small space. At this point the options are limited heading off to the store and see if you can locate some common components that get back up and running. The problem is, as the connecting bolts and barrel nuts and getting the right length, if available. We recommend holding a tree branch and stretcher rails to the store. Start plugging various bolts and nuts until you find a combination that connects correctly. You will also need to track connecting pins, washers and clips of the seat and back section, and the four nylon rollers that most of futon frames using the backrest. If you are lucky they will continue to be attached to the back deck to do the job a little easier.

In sum already discussed the issue presented futon lost track of hardware and how to go about the hardware needed. Basically determines the framework for a receipt or spotting online. Visit the retailer's store you bought it and get them through parts if it is open. If you bought it privately or inherited the frame to track down the manufacturer uses the search engine of your choice and talk to them ordering replacement. If you are unable to locate the manufacturer, but I found one online and in stores that sell hardware if they can. If all else fails contact your local store for your portage tree hand and begin trying bolts and nuts until you find some of this work. I sincerely hope you are able to acquire the necessary hardware to get the futon frame and running. We wish you the best of luck to you and your futon.

Source by Phil Pendleton

Ten-haves for every home Hardware Store

every home, no matter how new, needs minor repairs now and again. The new homeowners and DIYers beginning, it's hard to know what tools are needed to get the job done. The store is so full of great opportunities, browsing the aisles can feel overwhelming. In the next ten essential tools every homeowner should be prepared for everyday repairs.

1. Hammer

The smooth-faced hammer comfortable grip is ideal for a variety of purposes, such as hanging pictures and assembling furniture. A curved claw pulling out a practical bent, while the straight claw occasional demolition work.

2. screwdrivers

light fixtures, cabinets, switch plates, door handles: homes are filled with objects that require screws. The mixed screwdrivers will be used again and again in various head and Philips head sizes and an excellent investment. Magnetic heads can be useful as a comfortable non-slip rubber grip.

3. Fabric Adhesive Tape

-all and end all of the tools at home, duct tape is a quick, easy fix rips, tears, holes and leaks. Super-sticky and thick, large patches of adhesive tape, and now the store carries a variety of colors and patterns. This is a great temporary solution to water supply issues. This clogs up long enough for professional help to arrive.

4. Measuring Tape

There are several sizes, 16 & # 39; will get you through most of your household projects. One can easily lock, 3 / 4A wide design strong enough to stay in place without being too bulky. Find a nice hook at the end for easy gripping.

5. Set the handle

hard enough to pinch and bend metal, yet is flexible enough to keep even small objects, pliers necessary to get a grip on just about anything. Look for a set that includes a long nose, tongue and groove pliers and side.

6. Long and short Adjustable Wrenches

necessary to manipulate you'll see a lot of home repairs hex nuts and bolts, both long and short adjustable wrench. Sticky Walnut longer wrench handle more influence. If you are short of space, a shorter handle key is required. The adjustable feature ensures that fits anywhere bolts of all sizes.

7. Swiss Army Knife

This is an extremely versatile tool for many uses including opening the box, cut through carpet, paint scraping and shaving wood. Invest in a good quality model, comfortable rubber handle. Blade storage is also convenient function and increases security, because it will change the blade is quick and easy.

8. Level

A must-have to keep things straight, in fact, the store wide when the level. There are high-tech laser levels, but most household projects, a good old-fashioned water level is accurate, easy to use and gets the job done.

9 Cordless drill and drill bit set

Power drills to many household projects faster and easier. Wireless options are very comfortable and guarantee hunting outlet. Setting the various bits of metal, wood, and the universal right to have little opportunities for all needs.

Ladder 10

The vertically challenged, the ladder is an invaluable tool. Changing light bulbs, putting up curtains, changing smoke detector batteries ladders that each height-based tasks easier and safer.

All these options (and many more) are available in the local store. With these tools, however, ten basic repairs and projects will be a breeze!

Source by Andrew Stratton

Auditory working memory – What is it and why is this so important?

Have you heard the expression: It goes in one ear and, on the other. Individuals optimal auditory working memory, this is pretty close to the truth.

We auditory working memory (AWM), exactly? This is one part of the two part system memory. One part of the visual-spatial sketchpad, and the other is a verbal loop, often called the phonological loop. The latter is what is generally referred to as AWM. The relevant information is held in this hearing "storage" until the completion of cognitive activities (eg multi-step math problems or remembering the performance of the teacher long enough to relevant information written in the notes.)

If information comes to our auditory system, we must actively try what we have heard, because this information is broken down quickly after a few seconds. In order to repeat the information ourselves, we should use selective attention, filtering out irrelevant sounds, to attend the relevant information at your fingertips. Research has shown that short-term memory is low, you have a hard time choosing what you want to hear. In other words, selective attention does not work so well if AWM is low.

AWM critical in all academic subject because it affects the reading, reading comprehension, mathematics and performance. It is also important problem, because you have to keep the problem in the short-term memory long enough to understand it.

What is the behavioral profile of children with low AWM? In the classroom, teachers described these children are inattentive, easily distracted, forgetting what they have learned, forgetting instructions to carry out tasks not so careless mistakes and did not succeed in solving problems.

If you think this sounds like attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you're not the only one. A great deal of research in recent years has shown that low-auditory working memory is indeed associated with ADD / ADHD. Interestingly, some research has shown that stimulant medications may increase the human auditory-verbal and visual-spatial working memory. However, no long-term benefit. In other words, it improves the working memory only so long as the drug in the system.

One approach that has been used to help students with low short-term memory material is taught in a way that is less demand, especially in the AWM. While this helps students in specific courses that do not benefit the long-term working memory. By contrast, the purpose of the program is to improve AWM (visual and spatial memory) have shown long-term benefit to the point of actually increase fluid intelligence (the ability to reason quickly and abstract thinking)!

These programs have been successfully used in individuals with schizophrenia, traumatic brain injury, dyslexia and ADD / ADHD. Most programs consist of strategies designed to "train your brain." This is much like training the muscles and the cardiovascular and exercise. This requires frequency, intensity and duration. In case auditory working memory, at least 2-3 hours each week for many months normally brings significant working memory, sometimes multistage level.

Source by Carlene Wentworth

Top Hardware Issues to be taken into account when selecting the supplier

The hardest part of the brand of hardware can give the little-known options. This may be due to the selection of IT network hardware manufacturer like buying a used car in a foreign country. When presented with several choices, the initial reaction is to go with the cheapest option. However, this is not always the best choice, since several important factors to consider when making a smart purchase.

when selecting network hardware, service, and repair warranties serve an important role. For example, how far will technicians travel to service the network on-site? What services are included and what costs extra? When you have the choice of hardware, what can you expect in terms of ongoing support and upgrade options? Before you go ahead with your purchase, you have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions for this type of services, and how they relate to the network, and location.

There are several major hardware manufacturers in mind the pricing structure for future purchases. Often, the customer will be able to get a discount on the initial sale if the seller expects that future sales will account too. It's a good idea to express your long-term technology goals of the sale because of it.

There are some important factors to consider, once you choose the right hardware manufacturer

switch : This is what you need to connect the cables to the "spinal cord" of the whole network. It is common to include both optical and copper networks; In this case the switch must accommodate both. Otherwise, the switch of choice depends on the traffic already in the office between the reception and the media type.

Devices should be based on the selected device performance expectations and network compatibility. Then, the firmware can be updated? Are you going to a regular computer or thin client terminals? What about the articulated arms in the exam room? It is important that the establishment of agreements about the device configuration or server, printer or laptop. In fact, the doctors always check before buying a computer, you need to make sure that the device on the network they will work well. Examining the network regularly, the entire system can be kept in sync and up to date with current technological changes. This system of updated improvements will help to achieve the maximum performance results while simplifying the technical demands.

Servers : Keep redundancy in mind when selecting a server. There will be a machine extends the power of the other can not? If your hard drive crashes, then a series of RAID drives pick up the slack? There are many processors and how much RAM? Select the backup tape drive, which is large enough to store all the data is still fast enough to back everything from one day to the next. What about the physical design of the network equipment? Perhaps a single rack or secure housing unit must be kept on a secure server, especially if you have a set of servers, as many of setting up the EMR system.

Source by Peter J. Polack