How to Draw the Memory Or Imagination

important to know the difference between a drawing from memory, and drawings of the imagination, although both are the result of the drawing will be your head.

basically means drawing from memory, trying to recall a real picture of what the brain is made in the past and trying to draw or paint them.

Drawing imagination a little bit different. Imagination means you have a picture, which can be completely fictitious, like a fantasy creature that you want to pull out.

So one is a real image, while the other is a completely fictitious image. Why is it important to know the difference? Many members of my site to ask the same question, and when I sat down to really think about this, I think many people are actually confused as to why they can not transfer images from the head to a piece of paper.

Knowing the difference between the two types of plan would be a good start to clear up the confusion. Suppose that you want to draw a fictitious picture, but they do not succeed in drawing on paper. What's the problem?

Well, you might be missing from the drawing to be able to express yourself well in the drawing.

This is easy to do. Simply time to strengthen the basis for drawing that you can express yourself better with a stylus, and the problem is solved.

But let us suppose that we now want to recall a picture and draw on paper, but somehow, even if you have very great skill, he still could not get it right. What could be the problem?

The problem lies in the fact that the source of the reference image that is captured in your mind. Because the mind is somehow skewed the picture, the information will be transferred to the drawing board.

Unfortunately there is no simple solution to this problem, except that if you do not have a photographic memory, which should be the young, it is difficult to capture the entire image is exactly the way it is in your head.

Source by Darren WK Chow

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