How to use isochronic Tones for improving memory

You probably know how annoying it is when you just can not remember where the keys or the name of the person you were just introduced. And it seems the more struggling to remember such things, the more the memory is avoided!

Amongst such memory issues common to all people, and all kinds of tricks and techniques have been suggested to help improve memory – with mixed results. However, there is a method that works differently, most, and very effective, and it isochronic tones. Read on and we learn more about how to improve the isochronic sound recordings of memory work.

What isochronic tones?

isochronic sounds a kind of sound-based brainwave entrainment technology. Brainwave entrainment (also called brainwave synchronization) helps the brain produces certain frequencies of brain waves. This is useful because with a different brain wave frequency bands in different states of consciousness and mental abilities.

For example, if you listen to a isochronic sound recording, which was designed to entrain the brain's theta frequency band, the brain should begin to produce brain waves, which are mainly in the frequency range of 5-8 Hz – the so-called theta brainwaves. This theta state experienced such a deep relaxing trance, and is linked to various psychiatric and other mental phenomena, as well as increased access to the subconscious.

brainwave entrainment basically facilitates access several different mental states, without having to spend years learning meditation.

isochronic tones are generally seen as more powerful than other brainwave entrainment (such as binaural beats and mono shock) as it is located very clearly defined sound impulses to repeat quickly. Since each pulse visibly distinct from the next, it is easier for the brain to follow along and match the frequency.

How to increase your Memory Tones isochronic

So, how can isochronic tones will help to boost your memory?

Many memory problems because of mental blocks. The memories are still there in their subconscious mind, the conscious mind but can not access.

Because the memories have not disappeared completely, to know what to do to overcome the block to release the memory. This can be done by accessing the subconscious.

We have seen earlier that when the theta brain state, it is easier to contact the subconscious. So listen to isochronic sound recording, which carries the theta state, you may be able to bypass the conscious blocks, and to download the "hidden" memories of the subconscious. This work is both short-term and long-term memory, and many have found that a very effective method than traditional methods.

The record isochronic improve memory

isochronic sounds very easy to use. Simply get a proper recording (either downloaded from the Internet or CD-ROM), in a quiet, comfortable place, and then just listen to and focus.

do not have to use headphones using isochronic shots (unlike binaural beats), but I would recommend them anyway, because they help squeezed out distractions. Just be sure to book a comfortable level.

Some immediate results after the first use of a isochronic download, but it does not always happen, so be prepared to listen to the recording regularly to get the most benefit from it. While brainwave entrainment makes it a lot easier to get into a deep state of relaxation and tap into the subconscious memories, it still requires some effort on your part, in the form of focused listening and engagement in regular use.

Source by Loren Mann

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